Organic milk

People like milk and products that are made from it. We can find milk in butter, cheese and yogurt. Milk and dairy products are very popular in the US, Australia and Europe. Almost all products that contain milk, are old as the milk itself, but there is one ‘’new’’ kind of food which is filled with milk. It is ice cream. This delicious treat first appeared in the 17th century.

There are some people who like drinking raw milk, but most of us like homogenized and pasteurized milk! The process called homogenization is used to reduce the amount of fat found in the milk, because raw milk is extremely rich with fat! After that milk is undergone in a process called pasteurization, which affects on its flavor. These processes are used to make milk safe for human consumption, but sadly, during these processes, many vitamins and nutrients are lost, but, it doesn’t contain bacteria (raw milk may contain bacteria or germs).

The most important thing about organic milk is that it doesn’t contain any antibiotics and growth hormones, which are usually given to the cows. These cows were eating only healthy and organic food, which has no contact with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides! Cows that eat food, which contains some of mentioned chemicals, are producing non-organic milk because it can contain those chemicals!

One of the most popular products, which are made from milk is butter. According to the law, it must contain fat, at least 80%. Although, this is good for people, if you are on a diet, you must avoid it. One of the biggest benefits of milk is the presence of calcium, which is important for our bones!

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