British Strawberry Farmers Expecting A Bumper Harvest During Summer

Strawberry farmers have something to smile about as they are expected to get a bumper harvest of strawberries this summer. The bumper harvest according to many strawberry farmers can be attributed to the fact that they have introduced new farming methods and in addition to that the good weather has also played a big role in what they will be reaping come summer. Throughout winter Britain was lucky to have a total of 196 hours of sunshine  and last month Britain had its temperatures reach the 77F mark, this is according to the countries Met Office. 

Thanks to the huge, harvest that British strawberry farmers are expecting to have come summer, many are predicting that they will be able to surpass the total amount of strawberries that were sold last year. Back in 2014 strawberry farmers in Britain sold strawberries worth 275 million pounds and this year that number is expected to grow and reach 325 million pounds. 

While speaking with the media, Laurence Olins, the chairman, assured consumers that, “they will be in a position whereby they can have ample quantities of strawberries to choose from.”

Despite the great weather that is being witnessed in those parts of Britain, there are other areas that are just experiencing the harsh winter weather that all Britain’s are accustomed too. The areas are said to have received lots of rain as well as thunder and things are looking up either. According to the Met Office it is expected that the area is going to have hail and thunder in the coming days. 


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