When to start preparing the soil

Although it is still early to start working with your soil preparation, you should be ready. The common mistake is working the soil while it is full with water from snow and rain. You can only make things worse. Actually the only thing you can make now, are those huge clods that are almost impossible to break up. You should know that plants require an air in spaces between soil particles. When a soil is wet, it can make air pockets around plant roots, which has the same effect as no air at all! The catch is to know when you can start working with soil!

Go outside and take a handful of earth. Squeeze it until it forms a ball. If that earth can be shattered by pressing it with your fingers, soil is dry and you can start digging. On the other side, if that ball doesn’t shatter, instead it is changing shape, soil is still wet, and you shouldn’t start working with it! This means that soil is full with water, so you must wait until it is dry enough. A clay soil, will form a ball when moisture is 50% or even less! A sandy loam wills crumble even when the moisture is 50%, but in some cases it can form a ball.

If it has moisture, higher than 70% (70-100%), it will be very dark and it will feel slick between fingers. Coarse-textured sandy soil must have moisture 75%-100% so it can form a ball when you squeeze it, but even then it will break up easily. In cases when it has less than 50% moisture, it won’t form a ball.


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