What You Should Know Before Getting Liposuction

Cosmetic surgery is gaining in popularity, and one of the most popular operations is liposuction. This form of cosmetic surgery sucks the fat from beneath the skin. However, before you make an appointment with a liposuction specialist, go through this list of things you ought to know before you get the operation.

There are three distinct types of liposuction:

1.Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL)

Radio frequency waves are used to stimulate the production of collagen below the skin. This makes the area appear more toned and firmer while at the same time removing the fat cells.

2.Tumescent Liposuction

The specialist numbs the area of fat removal and then injects a solution into the fat, which shrinks blood vessels to minimize blood loss. This makes it easier to remove the fat.

3.Laser Liposuction (liposculpture)

This type uses lasers to liquefy the fat deposits after which the fat is suctioned away.

It Is Not For Weight Loss

Liposuction will not help you lose weight, rather it is for people who have reached their ideal weight but are having a hard time getting rid of the fat by normal exercise routines.

Liposuction Will Not Treat Loose Skin

Liposuction can only remove pockets of fat, but it cannot tighten the skin. For loose skin, you will have to undergo extra procedures. Such procedures include abdominoplasty among others.

You Must Exercise For Best Results

Liposuction like all the other body-sculpturing procedures is affected by future weight gain. After the procedure, you must embark on a healthy lifestyle by having regular exercises as well as eating right. Without exercise, the results will be short-lived.

The Fat Can Be Put To Good Use

If you would like to undergo future cosmetic procedure, be sure to enquire about autologous fat transfer prior to undergoing the operation. The fat can be used to plump up other areas of your body, such as the buttocks or breasts.

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