What 4 things can you do to cure emotional eating

Eating because of stress, excitement, sadness, or disappointment is so comforting. But eating beyond what our body needs is never healthy.  People who eat their emotions away get so accustomed to it that they can hardly remember what feeling hungry is. 

Realizing bad habits is the first step. However, a person with emotional eating strongly believes that it is just a matter of discipline. This keeps them from realizing that they have a real problem that requires assistance. 

However, there are simple things that an emotional eater can do to help themselves walk away from eating because of anything but hunger.


People who emotionally eat might discover that they use food to deal with painful memories. The realization of one's life comes into a clearer picture.  Maybe there is frustration or lack of happiness for being single, or maybe they feel they are in a dead-end job. If the root of unhappiness cannot be discovered, professional help is suggested.

Seek Professional Help

The next thing that at an emotional eater should realize is that emotional eating is real. We are not only talking about stress eating; we are also referring to dealing with success. There are specialists who can treat this condition.

Identify emotional triggers

Emotional eating may be triggered not only by stressful or sad situations. It can also be brought about by exciting news.  Something as simple as going out with the girls to celebrate that the project was approved is considered emotional eating. Recalling what events triggered such behavior is important.

Find Alternatives to Healing your Emotions

Probably a lot easier said than done, but you must try to find other ways to deal with your emotions. So, whenever your emotions are at a peak or in a valley, have a plan in place so that you know what to do.  


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