Three ways grocery stores are working against your diet plans

It all comes down to marketing. The grocery store is not really interested in your diet plans, at least not any more than they are in selling you grocery items. Have you ever wondered why meats and produce are usually at the back part of the store?  Basically, it is because those are essentials and is probably the one thing you came to the grocery store to buy. However, the store wants you to first take a look at the delicious foods on the stands between you and what you really came for.  

If the produce were placed at the entrance, not many people would need to go through all the other unnecessary aisles, but the store is interested in you buying and continuing to shop.  

But let's take a look at three ways in which grocery stores are working against your diet plans. 

Unhealthy food comes first

Stores usually place the unhealthy items in the front rows. Even if you go straight to get your chicken wings, you still need to go through the aisle with the yummy baked goods

Healthy is often more expensive

When it comes to buying healthy food, your grocery store will inflate the prices of the green salad claiming that they are hard to get these days. Yet, the package of ham is on sale. 

Try this sample

Oh, the sampling of treats. Do they never offer samples of those healthy unsalted organic crackers? No, it is always those unhealthy snacks with the cheese on top from the aisle we have been trying to avoid from the beginning. 

Beware next time you enter a grocery store. Stores are conspiring with the universe trying to keep you from achieving your goals. Quick tip:  before entering the grocery store, pop in a piece of chewing gum and never go shopping when you are hungry.  

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