Organic agriculture

Is it a new term ringing a bell in the minds of many? Is it something that the government has been talking about? Or is some new form of farming than has come up which is going to assure more amount of crops?

If you are confused, just relax because, there is a way out of this. One will be able to find an answer to the above question? Which food generally costs higher? Is it the conventional or the hybrid, big types of fruits or vegetables seen? If organic is your answer then yes there is a different type of farming.

Organic farming basically includes potential and other useful environmental or social impacts. This is done by eliminating the rampant use of synthetic usages of chemicals. Use of Harmful chemicals like fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, genetically modified seeds or breeds ,other veterinary drugs, and also preservatives, or irradiation are a big no in this type of farming These harmful synthetic product usage are replaced with some proper healthy use of organic manure. There are site-specific management practices which farmers indulge in. They engage to maintain and then thoroughly increase useful and extended soil fertility practices. This also helps prevent the other rampant pest and other diseases caused.

It is beneficial to the farmers as they earn more money in this type of farming. Though organic agriculture is a tough task, it is the most beneficial form and in practice these days. It takes practice but it also gives a suitable income to live by. The products are healthy and they are long lasting in nature.


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