New Keto Sports Drink by HVMN Kickstarts Ketosis

HVMN introduced a new sports drink formulated for people who are on a keto diet. It is a 25 gram drink that will bring the body into a level of ketosis in just 30 minutes which normally would take a couple of days to achieve.


The Keto diet is popular today. It is a low carb, high fat diet. When the body can’t get fuel from carbohydrates, the liver uses ketones to create fuel. Ketones are fats stored in the body. It is one way the body copes with the lack of fuel when it is starving.


What is In the HVMN Drink?


HVMN said that their sports drink is the first ketone ester drink on the market. It helps lower blood levels of the hormone ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone. As a result, the person also has no desire to eat.


The HVMN drink has 98 percent ketones and the rest of it is water. It contains no fat, carbohydrates, or salt. On the down side, does not taste good. The company claims the taste comes from the purity of the product. It provides the optimal ketone levels to improve the performance of athletes.    


The FDA classifies the HVMN drink as food. It is available in a three-bottle pack with a price tag of $99. According to the company, the product will hit the US market in early 2018. The company hopes to expand to Canada soon after. At present, Canada is the largest market for HVMN’s chewable caffeine candies.


The company markets the new sports drink to athletes, but CEO Geoffrey Woo said that people could also use it to augment their ketosis diet and fasting. The drink is perfect for people who want to achieve the lowest level of carbs in their diet.  

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