Halle Cottis’ free book: Natural Solutions for Cleaning & Wellness

Halle Cottis graduated from the Ohio State University and set out in a career in food and nutrition. She opened a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia where she created new recipes and did most of the cooking and baking herself. She is a certified Holistic Life Coach and a Metabolic Advisor. Her first cookbook was published in 2011.


Halle Cottis is an author, healing expert, and the mind behind the website Whole Lifestyle Nutrition. On her site, you can find innovative and health-conscious one-off recipes for everything from popsicles to homemade bread as well as more comprehensive meal plans (though those are behind a pay wall). You can also find a slew of natural home remedies.


Now, she’s taken those digital pages into the real world with her new book “Natural Solutions for Cleaning & Wellness: Health Remedies and Green Cleaning Solutions Without Toxins or Chemicals.”


In it, Cottis tackles the issue of added chemicals and toxins that can be found in food, medicine, and household items. The book contains 140 natural and effective recipes for household solutions ranging from body care to cleaning. With the recipes in the book, Cottis shows how everyday items can be used to create all-natural alternative solutions to the chemical-laden options on drugstore shelves.


Already, the book has received pages and pages of glowing testimonials.


If that isn’t enough, Cottis is currently offering an exciting promotion. Through her website, you can receive a free copy of the book by mail (just pay shipping). Additionally, the first group of people to take advantage of the promotion will receive free access to even more content through her private Natural Solutions for Cleaning & Wellness Facebook Group.


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