Growing organic potatoes

Potatoes are very healthy, this is the first thing you must know about them. Planting them is more fun than some serious work, because there are many different kinds of potatoes, which are disease-resistant, and you can choose their color, size and shape.

You can grow potatoes from seed, but this requires more time and it is harder. The recommendation is to use ‘’seed potatoes’’. You can buy them in garden centers or internet. If you want to buy them in any grocery store, don’t. Because they are chemically treated, and you don’t want that. For 100 foot row, you will need 5-7 pounds of ‘’seed potatoes’’. Standard potatoes are Katahdin, but you can try some like All Blue, Purple Peruvian and Rose gold. Potatoes require sunshine, space and well-drained soil. Put the seed potatoes on an airy and bright place for 24 hours, so they become slightly dry, plant the seed potatoes whole. The time of planting should be 2-3 weeks before last spring frost. Plant seed potatoes 6 inches apart, in a rows spaced 3 feet apart. Cover them with 5 inches of soil. As they grow, their leaves will keep the tubers covered. You will need to hill soil several times. When plants blossom, you can stop hilling up the soil.

Blossom plants are the first sign that you have fresh potatoes. Remove the earth, and gently remove potatoes from the ground. You will have to remove them before the first frost. Be careful, because damaged potatoes cannot be stored, so you will have to throw them away or eat them! If they are wet, wait until you have dry potatoes, and store them in a dark place where the temperature is 40°F.


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