Five Foods That Help Keep You Hydrated

Dehydration sets in when you fail to replenish all of the water that you lost by sweating it out via exercise or just because of a very hot summer day.

Below are five different types of food that you can eat to help keep you hydrated apart from drinking water.


With cucumber, you can hit two birds with one stone: it hydrates you and eliminates bloating because of its vitamin C. Even better, cucumber is really easy to prepare. You can make a cucumber smoothie or add slices to every pitcher of water you drink. You can even make a soup out of it if you want.

Chia Seeds

The hydrophilic chia seeds are the perfect addition to give smoothies, milk, or yogurt, a crunchy texture and make them even more hydrating.


Almost any kind of yogurt contains a healthy mix of protein, electrolytes, and calcium. In addition, it's 85 percent liquid. You can add chia seeds for an even more hydrating snack or freeze it to help you cool off during the summer.


Watermelon is chock full of H2O. You can eat a slice or two to fill and hydrate yourself. You can also freeze the slices so they last even longer. Other than H2O, you also get a bit of calcium so it's a win-win situation.


Just like cucumber, strawberries are full of Vitamin C. In fact, they have the most vitamin C of all berries; they contain folate and are 91 percent water.

Staying hydrated isn't easy. However, in between these five different types of food we've listed, having and a glass of water or two every hour or so, there's really no reason to not stay hydrated all day long.

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