How do you know if your baby is happy?

When you have a newborn it is completely normal that you are not sure whether your baby is happy or not, because when babies are that young, they cannot normally show and express every emotion.

Still as a mom, there are some things you can do in order to make your child happy, and those things only you can do, as their mom and the most familiar face to them.
Your face and the sound of your voice keep your baby calm and satisfied, and even though it is frustrating for you when your baby is just looking at you, and you are not quite sure what she wants, remember that even if she doesn’t say anything, and you can see that she is not crying, she is fine, don’t worry.

When she is younger than three months, it is not too hard to make your baby happy. She is happy if you respond to her cries, when you feed her, change the diapers and put her to sleep.
When she is at that age, she will spontaneously smile at you. It will not be a typical smile you get from an older baby, but it will definitely look like one. And sometimes she will do it, because she liked something at that moment.

When your baby turns one year, she will already have a sense of humor, and she will try to make your laugh in different ways, by putting a diaper on her head, or by talking something completely illogical. Cherish those moments.


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