How Could Women Know They are Ovulating

The period in which a woman discharges eggs through her ovary at the time of menstruation is called ovulation. When the women are ovulating, they have more chances of becoming pregnant. This is because the number of eggs is higher and it increases the chances of the sperm finding an egg. But what women should know is that the period of ovulation is very brief and if they want to get pregnant they will have to know as to when it is precisely happening. When you know the exact time of ovulation, you can increase the frequency of sexual intercourse to better the chances of conception.

Ovulation does come with certain symptoms. You will just need to monitor the signs very closely before, after, and during menstruation. If you are experiencing some pain in the lower abdomen area at the time of your periods, then the chances are you are about to ovulate. The pain is not sharp but still persistent. 

If you are not able to figure out through the signals sent by your body, you can make use of certain over-the-counter tools. One of the tools which can predict ovulation is called ovulation detector tool. You just need to drop a few drops of urine and the tool will tell you if you are about to ovulate. This tool is designed to read the amount of LH hormone in your body. Right before the ovulation, the LH production is the highest. Hence, if the hormone level is high as indicated by the tool, then it means you are about to ovulate. 



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