A woman wants to carry her own grandchild

Still unnamed husband and wife want to have access to their dead daughter’s eggs, so a mother can carry her own grandchild. They are trying to export the eggs from London to the US. Their daughter died from bowel cancer. She wanted that her eggs fertilized by a sperm donor and implanted in the womb of her mother. At this moment, the High Court’s judge reserved his judgment. We can expect it in the near future. 

The daughter, who was the only child of the aforementioned couple, decided to freeze her eggs at a clinic in London after she was diagnosed with cancer. Experts say that this is the first case of its kind. The daughter wanted to carry her own child one day, but sadly, she died in her early 20s. A clinic in New York will provide a fertility treatment for Mrs. M (the daughter’s mother) at a cost of $92.000. Mrs. M is a 59 years old woman.

The main problem comes from the HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority). They don’t want to allow the eggs to be taken from London clinic and moved to the US. Mrs. M is trying to prove that this decision interferes with the family’s human rights. According to the HFEA, there is no enough evidence that suggests that the daughter wanted her mother to carry her child. The daughter completed the documents needed to save her eggs, but she didn’t fill a separate document, that indicate how that eggs can be used. 

Mrs. M said that before her daughter died, she told her to carry her child. The daughter believed she won’t survive the cancer treatment. 


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