Wicked Cool Toy Makes Everyday a Girl’s Scout Cookie Day!

Once you have managed to purchase these cool kids gadget for your kid, never again will they have to wait months and months until they can be able to sink their teeth into thin mints cookie. That said Wicked cool toys have been working endlessly to come up with a toy that will help solve this problem.

They have created a girls scout Cookie Oven as well as relief parks making it very simple for one to bake their cookies at the comfort of their homes any time they want.

The oven in itself resembles the easy bake oven which is usually loved by many. Some of the key features about it that have made it stand out from the crowd include, “a viewing window that lets bakers see the treats they’re making and a warming station to heat and melt delicious cookie coatings and frostings.”

The new kids gadget from Wicked Cool Toys comes with a Mints mix which is very thin, in addition to that they also have a baking pan, measuring tool as well as a spatula.

Currently the gadget is being retailed on a number of U.S. based stores as well as online and you can purchase them for $59.99. That said the device also comes with Basic Refil mixes which has a PB Sandwich, Thin Mints, chocolate Chip, chocolate peanut butter and Coconut Caramel. For the deluxe version you will be able to acquire two or three of flavors and it will retail for $14.99.


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