What Are Flu Shorts & Why Are They Important

Flu shots are very important for kids and if you are a parent, it is highly advised that you ensure your child gets a flu shot. Flu shots, just like any other vaccines, can help prevent a number of kids illness that tend to be very harmful. We all know that kids do not like shots and in an effort to ensure that flu shots are administered, you now be able to administer it on your kids without necessarily giving flu shots. You can now give your kids flu shots in a nasal mist, this is basically a nasal mist. One thing to remember is that this particular vaccine tends to have certain flu virus and thus it is advised that shouldn’t give it to your kid if your kid happens to have health problems. It is also not advised to give it to kids who tend to leave in places where people tend to get sick from the flu. Before embarking on the use of this particular vaccine it is advised that you visit a doctor and seek his advice if its right for your kid. 

Flu usually tend to have certain effects. For instance, a healthy kid who has flu will probably have fever in an event that he gets flu, he/she will also have body aches and other symptoms that are associated with flu.  Flu, as much as it appears to be a very harsh like condition, usually tends to take a week. After one week, one will begin to feel better. The main problem that is usually known when it comes to flu, also known as influenza, is that it can make some people very sick. 


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