Top Tips For Toy Safety

When it comes to toys it is important that you pay lots of attention on what you buy for your young one as it may end up hurting your child. The American Academy of Family Physicians as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that before embarking on buying toys for your child, you should give safety a top priority. Choking is just one of the many dangers which are usually brought by certain toys. It is important that you follow the guidelines, which have been listed below the next time you are shopping for a toy for your baby.

  • When purchasing a toy ensure that you do not buy those that have sharp points or edges.

  • Choose toys which are tightly fixed in other words avoid toys that have parts that can easily come off this is important given that children tend to pull things apart.

  • In an event that you have purchased toys intended for your older children you should see to it that these toys are placed out of reach of your smaller kids.

  • When purchasing toys always ensure that you purchase them with the age of your small child in mind. Ensure that you carefully read labels on every given toy so as to see whether or not that toy is perfect for your child.

  • When purchasing toys there are two words that you should be on the lookout for and these are non-toxic and washable. These words are usually written on the label. It’s important that you purchase toys with this labels given that many toys usually end up in the mouth of a baby.

  • Toys which have lose ribbons, cords or even strings are to be avoided at all cost due to the fact that they can become tangled on your baby’s neck.






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