Tips for a non-toxic school lunchbox

Kids are very much prone to communicable disease and infections and fighting them may cost you a lot. Even a bit of carelessness with handling of all your kids’ stuff can make them skip their schools. Severe stomach infections or other flu infections are common among school going children which further can hold the reason of toxic substances in the tiffin box. Here are some keys to non-toxic school lunchbox which may eradicate the chances of your kids’ going sick.

- Select organic

Organic food is known to be free of synthetic residues, chemicals, pesticide particles or genetically modified ingredients. Total organic tiffin is near to impossible for those who cannot afford but make it sure that you always try to maximize the organic content of your child’s lunch box.

- PVC-free packing

Most of us may not be aware of the fact that mostly lunch boxes are made up of polyvinyl chloride or also called as PVC (#3plastic type) which is responsible for endocrine disrupting chemicals known as phthalates. Studies suggest that the items that are to be carried by the kids contained high levels of these dangerous chemicals. This kind of plastics can also contain a potent neurotoxin called lead. So whenever you select a lunch-gear for your kid, make it sure it is not PVC one.

These are some of the mainly responsible factors for toxicities in the lunchbox, and if followed can help you maintain your child’s health. Also you can refer to many health related websites to guide you better.


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