Importance of Iron for Kids' Health

Have you ever thought why most of the foods for kids and the cereals are fortified with iron? The reason is pretty simple. Iron is required by the body to make haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is needed by the blood to carry the oxygen to different parts of the body. Without sufficient iron in the body, it will not be able to produce enough RBCs and hence the organs will not get the required supply of oxygen. This is why it is so important to have enough iron included in the kids’ diet.

The breastfeeding infants get enough supply of iron through their mother’s milk. However, it is important for the mother to have the sufficient supply of iron to her body.  Once the kids wean, they need iron supply from the external sources. The food items designed especially for the kids are iron fortified. 

For the kids in the 7-12 age group need at least 10-12 mg of iron every day. This is the age when the kids can be made to learn healthy eating habits. Introduce lots of green vegetables, fortified cereals, dairy products, and fruits in their diet. 

If you are preparing your kid to become an athlete and exposing them to regular physical exercises, then their iron requirement will be more. 

After 12 months, the infants are at a higher risk of iron deficiency because they are no longer consuming their mother’s milk. Therefore, it is imperative to include iron-fortified cereals in their diet. In the beginning, the kid will not like it but will get used to it after some time.


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