Impact of TV on Children and how to reduce it?

We are all aware of the fact that watching TV for longer hours can be harmful for us .But still ,when we have our work ,we use TV as a baby sitter .We ask our Children to watch TV and let us do our work. So, we lose control on our child and don’t spend quality time with them. As they grow, they become addicted to it.But we are parents and we have to control them from getting disturbed from their future plans. Most of Children these days spend their free time in watching cartoons and movies etc. But they should utilize this time in getting knowledge about our surrounding .

If your child likes watching TV then ask him to develop habit of watching knowledgeable channels which will work as a Smart Class and educate your child about latest news around the world. We would advise some other tips which as a parent you should do for your child. First of all choose non-violent and peaceful channels to change the behavior of your child positively. Before showing any program or movie to your child, you must take its reviews and see it first .Ask your child to watch family or Child movies only whenever they want or insist to go to cinemas. Set a limit of watching TV for 1-2 hours in a day only and give other options to your child like playing indoors or outdoors. This will make them active and stay healthy and fit.



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