How to help your kid beat the summer weight gain?

The very first thought that comes to our mind when we hear summer is loads of fun, outdoor games, picnics and thus lose weight, not gain it. You may not know but not everyone prefers playing sports and physically working out in order to keep their health maintained. Campfires, barbeques etc. can always add to your body fat and make you gain weight that you would never want.

Although kids remain active and play lots of games and carry out other physical activities but for those who are more of a food lover than games and sports, here are some points which will keep your kids fit and healthy.

1.    Make them stick to a schedule :
When it comes to summer vacations, most of us prefer staying at bed for long but you must know that oversleeping adds to your body fat and keeps you unhealthy. In order to keep your kid healthy you should plan their vacations with a proper schedule. 
2.    Keep them busy and monitor their food habits:
You may get your kids admitted to summer camps and other fun activities but when you involve yourself and keep them busy you know what all efforts you are making for their health.

Proper monitoring of the food intake should be carried out and check what kind of food they are having even when they have to just rest or sleep.There are lots of other points like avoiding too much of indoor games etc. that can always help you keep a check on your kid’s health which.



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