Gadgets for the kids

We already mentioned that children like to use modern technology a lot. Some parents are worried because of it, and you have the other ones who allow them anything.
The good part is, there are still some gadgets that will occupy your kid's attention, and yet, it will not harm them.
You have a toy called " Primo ". It is a toy that will help your kid to program, and they may learn it, before they start reading.
It has and interface for input of instructions and a robot named Cubetto.

The next one is Bo & Yana, and they are a duo. Yana is the storyteller and Bo is the explorer.
They will help your child to visually program and to develop problem-solving skills.
Then you have " MiP ". This toy is made more for fun, less for learning, but it is still an amazing toy.

You also have a robot there, which you can control from your phone. You can also control it from your iOS or Android phone or if you wish, manually. Interesting huh ?
The next one is " Ubooly ". If you want to get your kid a pet, but you are afraid he will not be responsible enough, or if you or your child is allergic to hair from the pets, Ubooly is the perfect solution for you.
It can play games, tell bedtime stories or even jokes. What is also very cute is that it can have some conversation with your child.
Of course it shouldn't replace your kid's friends, but it is a great thing, if your kid is sick, so he must stay at home, he will have this " friend " to entertain him.


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