A neighborhood girl is giving you sleepless night, no matter what you do you cannot get her out of your thoughts, every time you meet up with and she says “Hi” your body begins to sweat. You also can’t help but take a pose and look at her when she is playing with her friends after school. Every minute of the day, she is constantly on your mind and it makes you wonder, “Why do I feel this way?” well you might just have your first crush.
Or maybe it’s your friend at school or at home who is telling you about that special girl in their classroom who he just can’t stop thinking about every minute of the day and you think to yourself, “Why don’t I talk about girls like this? Is it something that I am supposed to be doing?”
Boys tend to be different and during puberty this aspect of not being the same is evident, you might find that in certain situations some boys will be very nervous when talking to a girl and other boys, on the other hand, will be very comfortable talking with girls. The process of thinking about a girl you like is a normal and common when you are in puberty. But if you feel like you do not like girls well that’s okay as well.
This behavior is usually brought about by hormones in your body. During puberty, your body hormones are very active and as a result you tend to have more feelings. The feelings may end up being very strong but not to worry though as this is a natural process that everyone goes through.


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