A Multi Tool Gadget Designed Just For Kids

If there is something that I liked to do a lot as a kid was to dismantle my toys and start looking for things such as magnets, gears as well as other cool little components that my mind would think of at that time. I even asked my parents to get me my own small toolbox which I kept under my bed. In the tool box I stored a lot of parts and screws that I had collected while doing my own scavenging acts. To be honest I would have loved a multi tool box back in the day.

That said if you know that you are kid is like me, you can get for him a LEAP, a multi-tool gadget designed by the folks over at Leatherman who have realized that many and many children are embracing the act of collecting a number of items. The toy or gadget if you like has been designed to specifically suit the needs of kids who are 9-years old and above.

LEAP comes with 13 very useful tools (trust me I will know)which includes a saw, wire cutters, a scissor, tweezers, ruler, screwdrivers, pliers and other useful tools that your kid is bound to love. With regards to safety of your kids, LEAP comes with a safety lock as well as glass filled handles which have been specifically designed to ensure that your kid will have a proper grip of the toy.

The leap is currently available at Amazon in blue, red and green and it is selling at around $49.95.


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