2 Gross Things Which Are Lurking In Your Child’s Lunchbox

The last couple of months have seen an increase in the number of parents who are choosing to pack food for their kids instead of allowing them to get some at the cafeteria. That said there are certain things which might be lurking in your child’s lunchbox that could actually shock you and in this article I will be sharing with you this 2 gross things so that next time you will know how to deal with them.

Human Hair
Human hair is mostly found in breads.
So how will you know that it is present? Well check for L-cysteine on the label.

Why is it there? Well it helps in creating a softer texture as well as speed up the whole process of bread and many other baked goods. It’s generally not harmful, but if you don’t want your child to have situations whereby his/her sandwich has hair, then always ensure that you check the labels of the breads that you buy or you could alternatively go for fresh baked breads from your local bakery.

Sand is mostly found in soups.
So how will you know that it is present? Well, check for Silicon dioxide on the label.

Why is it there? Well sand is usually added to food as an anti-clumping agent. It is known to help in ensuring that particles are not binding together. That said, the amount of sand which can be placed on a particular product is usually limited by the FDA. In an event that you do not want your child to have some sand in his soup always see to it that you check the labels.


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