How to Take Care of the Ashy Knees

Ashy knee is quite a common problem and anyone can get affected by it - be it men or women. However, it is a fact that people who have darker skin tone are affected by it more than the people with lighter skin tone. The ashy skin may appear in any part of the body but is more prominent in the elbows and knees. Here is how you can treat your ashy knees. 

Ashy knees are often the result of dryness and hence keeping them moisturized could be quite an effective treatment. Get a good quality moisturizer and apply it your knees generously many times in a day. Applying the moisturizer regularly will result in quick treatment. Pick a moisturizer which also has the skin tone improvement capability. This will help your ashy knees even better. Don’t rely on a simple application. Massage the knees with it so that the moisture is absorbed by the skin pores.

Since dry skin causes ashy knees, you should get rid of them regularly. Exfoliate the knee skin area every day and make sure you do it gently so that no harm is caused to the skin. You can buy a number of products which help in the exfoliation process. You can even use the face exfoliating products on your knees. 

You can also use the oil therapy to treat the ashy knees. Coconut oil and olive oil are really effective in the treatment of the ashy knees. Heat the oil a little bit and then massage the area with it. Do it at least 2-3 times in a day. 



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