The right time for vaccination of your child

Simply said, the best time for a vaccination is the summer. Your children don’t go to school. Instead, they want to have fun and hang out with other children. Also, this is the happiest time of the year for them. Many of the children want to go camping or somewhere else, so the vaccination is something you, as a parent, must do. Vaccination can protect your child and you from many harmful diseases. 

In order to understand why, vaccination is important, you must know how it works. It is a procedure that should give the information to our immune system. Since the day we were born, our immune system must ‘’scan’’ our body and find foreign agents. Some of them are good, some are bad and some are irrelevant. A vaccination should help the immune system, by presenting to it one or several of those foreign substances. Those foreign substances, are harmless, so it is completely safe.

Medicine and science are working together to make new, and improve better vaccines. They are also better at finding the right amount of agents. In addition, today’s vaccines are much safer. Both, science and medicine managed to make better and safer vaccines in the last 20 years.

Vaccination isn’t just good for a person or child who is vaccinated. It is also good for his friends, neighbors and family. When you use an antibiotic, you just try to defeat a disease for one time. A vaccination must teach the immune system so it is always ready for that disease. Many doctors and experts’ advice that all people and children should be vaccinated.



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