Snacks for the children

Food for children should be something that can satisfy their needs, both mental and physical.
In order for them to do their homework properly, study and pay attention at school, they need to eat something that will give them energy and help their mental growth, especially at a young age.

Healthy snacks should have :
Fruits and vegetables: a piece of fruit or a cup of berries or fresh vegetables to meet the needs of fiber , and vitamin C (acting on the function of the central nervous system, stimulates the endocrine glands, enhances liver function, allows the adoption of iron in the intestine, is involved in building blood and has the role of antioxidants, which binds free radicals, thus preventing severe disease organism).

Dairy products: It is good for them to drink at least one cup of milk or yogurt or if they don't like that, they can eat one slice of cheese. It shouldn't be more than 30 grams of it. These products will satisfy their needs and will give them enough calcium, so that they can develop in a proper and healthy way.

Grains, such as bread or some kind of cookie. It is a good thing for them ( of course do not give them a lot of it ), because it will increase their energy and their brain will function much better.
Water: It is highly important to drink enough water, because it will keep the balance of electrolytes, which affect the hydration of the body, blood and its acidity, and are especially important for muscle function.

Kids are very active at that age and they will maybe dehydrate during a child's game, so it is important they always have a bottle of water near them.


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