There are two basic types of sleep, active and deep sleep. We dream during active sleep. At that time a person isn’t physically active, so sleepwalking is impossible. It happens during the deep sleep, in the first few hours of sleep. Not all sleepwalkers are walking around the house. Many of them just sit up in bed, while they are asleep. Only a small number of sleepwalkers actually move around the house. They can walk from a couple of minutes up to 30 minutes. According to one research, 15% of kids are sleepwalking.

If your child, sleepwalking every night or almost every night, you should take it to see a doctor. There isn’t some treatment, especially designed for sleepwalking. The doctor will try to talk with your child and to try helping him sleep more soundly. Most of sleepwalking occurs just a several times a month. In those cases you don’t need to take your child to the doctors. Although, sleepwalking looks scary, it isn’t a serious problem, and many kids overgrow it after some time.

In a case when child sleepwalking often, a doctor can use scheduler treatment. Basically, this means your child must wake up every couple of hours, enough to prevent sleepwalking. This treatment cannot be used long-term, because the child cannot get enough sleep. In more severe cases, a doctor may prescribe certain medications.

You can help your child to overcome sleepwalking. Your child needs silence while sleeping, so make sure you turned off all devices that can make a sound! Having enough sleep, and going to bed at the right time, are equally important for solving this problem.

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