Should kids diet?

When we define "diet", we refer to the kind and amount of food we eat every day. But also, a diet can also refer to a feeding regime where a person is trying to lose weight through the reduction of fats and carbohydrates.  But, is it ok, for kids to diet? Definitively not, and we will see why.  

Weight loss

Children are still growing and developing and they need all the energy they can get. So, whatever a child is bringing to his stomach is going to be all used up because his body is demanding it. Cutting off this supply can have adverse effects on the child. 

Even if a child is overweight, instead of having him reduce his food intake, he could walk and have a less sedentary life while still eating nutritious food. When a grown-up wants to lose some pounds, he'd eat a bowl of vegetables. Submitting a child to this process can have some serious consequences to his development.   

Hunger-the driving factor

According to experts, most kids are predisposed to gain weight. Their bodies are more prone to storing the excess energy they consume in the form of fat. The fuel they should be using for performing activities is not burned, turns to fats or carbs, and leads to obesity. 

But starving a child can actually be counterproductive.  The fat that we all need is a survival factor. When your body begins to burn more than what it needs, it stores it in the form of adipose tissue. Stressors also help put more weight on a child. In children, hunger is this stress.  When a child does not eat between meals, he become hungry and is more likely to eat unhealthy food and snacks. Going hungry decreases metabolism and increases appetite.  

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