In a study which was conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Cambridge it was discovered that kids who spent lots of hours outdoor playing had the risk of myopia reduced by 2%.
According to the study which involved over 10,000 children they are two things which contribute to this aspect and those are exposure to natural light as well as the time spent in looking at distant objects.
The findings of the research which were presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalogy in Florida found that on children who were short-sighted spent on average 3.7 fewer hours on a weekly basis as compared to those who either have normal eye vision or are long-sighted.
That said the researchers also added that the reason as to why this happens is still not yet clear as they initially expected to find that children who tend to spend most of their time outdoors did not read often, studied less and played a lot of computer games but no relationship was established in the two of eight studies that were initially started t look for a link in such cases.
That said various medical professionals including Dr Justin Sherwin from University of Cambridge are requesting that more research be done on the matter so as to clearly point out the factors such as increased use of vision or even reduce use of near vision, physical activity, natural ultraviolet light exposure that are directly responsible for the link that exists between short-sightedness and kids playing outdoors.

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