Is there a correction for flat-head syndrome in newborns?

There are a lot of things that can make new parents worry about the health of their child, and one of them is what's referred to as "flat-head syndrome".

Also referred to plagiocephaly, flat head syndrome affects as many as one in ten babies. However, despite its prevalence, it is very preventable and easy to treat. This is especially true if you start early.

Here are a few useful tips for parents who are worried about the flat-head syndrome in their newborn child.

1.Alternate Your Baby's Head Position

The typical sleeping position for babies is on lying on their backs. However, you'll want to make sure that their heads are turned and faced both ways every now and then. This is because young babies spend lots of time asleep. If they lie down on the same spot every time, their head will not grow proportionally resulting in a flat spot.

2.Visit Your Child's Pediatrician

It's not unusual for children to face a certain way every time they fall asleep. However, it might be caused by something else. If you've tried changing the layout of your nursery, you can ask your child's pediatrician for help. They will probably refer you to a physiotherapist to check if it's caused by muscle tightness in the neck or other similar physical problems.

3.Let Your Baby Lie on Your Tummy

Cuddling or carrying your baby in upright positions can help cut back on their time spent lying on their backs. Some supervised tummy time is also a huge help. Not only will it help you and your baby bond, but it will also help develop your baby's body muscles while reducing the chances of your baby developing a flat spot.

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