How to Cope With Childhood Depression

It is very difficult to say whether depression is genetics or it is due to an imbalance of chemicals in brain or it can also be because of divorce of parents. Many people believe that depression is the only way of diagnosing and treating people in their adulthood. Many a times, kids never understood that there were some life stressors that can create self awareness and maturity that makes you feel anything and don’t make you feel sad. 

In the recent years, the medical community can make you focus more on diagnosis and treatment of the pediatric depression. It can even help you to increase mental health conditions and help you to grow research in any particular discipline. According to the pediatric psychiatrists, about 5 – 8 percent children suffer from depression. This number of getting increased and the physicians also reports that depression can be seen more in children who are 2 years old also. 

Mental health professionals also say that parents can make their kids outgrow from their depression. An early onset of depression often persists children in adulthood and it also makes you experience such condition more frequently in their adulthood. A child who goes through depression has more than 50% chances of suffering from this condition again in the next five years. 
Experts say that early diagnosis, invention and treatment are the key conditions for prevention of such condition. Childhood depression is as serious as mental illness and should be treated well. 



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