Food allergy

Having a lunch or cookies for your kid’s friends is lovely, but can be problematic. Many children have food allergies, so, your food can be dangerous for them. Only in the US 3 million children have food allergies, so you can see how serious this problem is! The most children are allergic to: peanuts and nuts, seafood (shrimps are responsible for most allergies), eggs, milk, soy and wheat. You must know that your child can be allergic to almost any food, so you should take it to the allergist, who will do a test so he can determine which kind of food is dangerous for your kid.

Your immune system is responsible for food allergies! Normally, the immune system makes antibodies which destroy germs, bacteria and viruses, but when your immune system starts treating something from food, as it is dangerous for you, you have a food allergy. In any case, your body release certain chemicals which will affect on your organs. For example, in a case of peanut allergy, an immune system reaction will affect on nose, mouth, eyes and throat. All kids, that have food allergy, must have adrenaline shots on them at any time!

In some cases, food allergy can cause anaphylaxis. This is the situation when several health problems occur at once, so children can have digestion, skin and breathing problems. This state can also affect on the heart and blood vessels.

Food allergies are serious problem, every parent should pay more attention to this. Taking your child to the doctor, can lower the chances of food allergy. On the other side, some kids may react differently on some food, although they aren’t allergic. For example, children who have lactose intolerance, get belly pain and diarrhea after eating dairy products.

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