Energy after playing for long

Kids go out to play on a regular basis. They love hanging out and meeting each other. Playing games like hide-n-seek etc. and running around for multiple hours. They get very tired and exhausted when they return home. Their energy needs to be replenished and here are a few ways that can help you do the same for your child.:-

1) Junk Food

You need to ensure that your child doesn’t have too much of junk food. It is bad for health and causes obesity. Junk food can drastically increase a child’s body weight and if not controlled, the situation is very hard to reverse.

2) Energy drink

You should give your child some energy drinks to take with them. So that, when they get tired in between their game, they can drink a few sips of the drink and resume after a short break.

3) Juice

Either before or after the kid goes to play, you should make him drink a glass of juice that would be healthy for your child. It ensures that your child gets enough nutrients even if they don’t eat ample food.

4) Milk

You should give your child at least two glasses of milk daily to help them grow well and to make their bones stronger. Try mixing chocolate powder or any milk shake powder to introduce great flavour and to enhance the nutrients present.

5) Eggs

Making kids eat eggs is a healthy way of supplying the much needed protein content in their diet.


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