Effective Ways to Keep Your Child at a Healthy Weight

One of the more daunting tasks that parents of young children face, is ensuring they eat well to maintain a good growth rate while maintaining a healthy weight for their age. If you identify with these sort of problems, here are some ways to gradually inculcate good eating habits among your kids:

Developing an interest in a variety of foods
First and foremost among all dietary needs is a healthy and balanced diet. The best way to get a child interested in a variety of food is to introduce new items whilst expounding on their various benefits. Be creative and try developing an appreciation for the differences in flavors and colors. There are plenty of stories, films and cartoons that are themed around food and cooking, and turning to these could be helpful. Also, prohibiting television etc. during mealtimes nudges kids into focusing on the food, and often piques their interest in it and prevents absent-minded overeating.

Don't let them have their way with the menu
It's a bad idea to let children get into the habit of eating what they want to, for obvious reasons. Take charge of the menu, and, at the same time, don't let things get monotonous. Over time, they will develop a taste for a good variety of healthy food, or at the very least, become less likely to be picky with it. 

Children can be very picky eaters and it's hard for some parents to change unsuitable habits or deny kids their choices of food. But good parenting is usually about knowing when to put your foot down   when necessary, while also taking the time to explain your decisions to them.   


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