People usually think that depression is preserved for adults, and that children cannot be affected by this ‘’problem‘‘. Because they don’t have to worry about money, home and work children are always happy! This is not true. Sadly, depression is present in children’s life. It affects children’s feelings, behavior and thoughts. It lasts much longer that ordinary feelings of sadness, and if the depression is serious, help of a therapist is more than needed.

There are many reasons for depression. It is present among young children, but usually teens have depression. This state (because depression is still considered as state of a human, not a disease), affects more often on girls and gay or lesbian teens. Kids that are sexually or physically abused, have big chances for depression. Kids usually try to hide their problems, so don’t expect that your kid will tell you about depression. If your child has depression, there will be many symptoms. The most common symptoms are: appetite changes (eating too much or less), frequent crying, sadness, quilt, poor concentration, low energy, talk and thoughts about suicide.

If you notice that your child may have depression, you should try to spend more time with them. A proper, good sleep and physical activity can help, but sometimes not enough. Then, you must take your child to the doctors, if it is not treated, depression can cause serious problems and even suicide! Doctor will probably refer your child to the therapist. He will try to help your child by trying to change his behavior and how they think. If depression is more serious, your child will have to use medicines. The cognitive behavioral therapy and medicine combined, are very successful against depression.


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