I am sure by now you know what sweat exactly means but did you know how it usually comes about. Sweat also known as perspiration's usually comes out of your skin through pores when your body is feeling hot. Pores are tiny holes which are normally found in our bodies.
Sweat usually comes out from your skin and then it evaporates into the air, meaning the liquid which is sweat turns into vapor. The whole process of sweating is usually meant to cool your body. In most cases, sweat usually turns out to be smelly and as a result giving you a certain body odor. Due to the fact that hormones tend to work fast when you are in puberty and thus explains why you sweat a lot and why your body tends to smell sometimes.
I am sure by now you are wondering why your sweat is smelly, well sweat by itself is not actually smelly but it’s usually made smelly when it comes into contact with bacteria’s on your skin.
Sweat is made up of ammonia, urea, salts as well as sugar.
So how do you prevent this from happening? Well, you can ensure that you take lots of showers/bath's especially when you are playing or you can make use of a deodorant by spraying it under your arms.
Deodorants usually come in a variety of scents which really smell good. That said there are also some which are not scented. Some even come with a white stick which you can easily stick up, this is usually used by many people before taking a shower/bathing.


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