After seeing what other boys their age look like many boys tend to be scared. For example, many boys are usually concerned about muscles and wonder why they don’t have them while other boys tend to have them. There are several muscles that boys tend to notice on other boys, for instance, the chest muscles which are also called pectoralis muscles or pecs. Broad shoulders also known as deltoids or delts is also something that many boys tend to realize on other boys.
As a boy you should keep in mind that puberty usually happens on its own schedule, you cannot rush it. That said you can embark on being a strong kid. Being a strong kid can be achieved by ensuring that you eat nutritious food and take part in various sport activities such swimming and riding bicycles. In due time, you reach puberty and your muscles will grow by themselves.
You might also try lifting weights in your quest of getting muscles but before embarking on that road do ensure that you visit your doctor and inform him/her that you want to lift weights. Why is it important to contact a doctor? Well the doctor will be able to give you some advice before embarking on weight lifting or he/she might ask you to stop lifting weights due to various reasons which might end up affecting your body if you lift weights.
N situations where the doctor has asked to avoid weightlifting, consider taking up other means of gaining muscles such as using resistance bands.
Resistance bands which are basically like big rubber bands are very effective when it comes to generating strength without necessarily straining your muscles.


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