At what age should you start taking your child to a dentist?

Babies break new teeth in before their first birthday. You don't have to wait until all the teeth have come in to take your child to the dentist. I the first visit should be near the time of your child's first birthday.


You know the adage prevention is better than cure. That's why it's important that you take your child to the dentist at an early age to avoid problems later. Children can suffer many health problems that are related to teeth and teeth development. The sooner the problems are dealt with, the better. Tooth decay can start as soon as the teeth come in.


Many adults feel anxiety with the thought of going to the dentist. It's how you prepare your child for the visit that makes a big difference to the anxiety your child might have. A visit to the dentist and regular visits create good habits that last a lifetime for your child.

Plan the first visit

Planning the visit involves two actions from you. First you want to check with the dentist about the guidelines and procedures of the first visit. You don't want to have any surprises. The dentist appointment should be as cooperative as possible.  You will want to prepare your child for the visit well in advance. Talk about what the child will do and what they will see when they have their first visit. Do a little practice session at home and you can pretend you are the dentist and your child is the patient.


There are many visual aids, storybooks, and videos that can be borrowed from your local library.


Oral hygiene is important, and it is never too early for a child to start looking after his own teeth by brushing twice a day and visiting a dentist regularly.


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