Are there any drawbacks to breastfeeding a baby past 9 months?

The truth is that all medical advice is in favor of breastfeeding a baby. The first weeks of breastfeeding are in fact pivotal to the development of a proper immune system.  There have been studies that demonstrate that this has an effect on the future development of the child. 

However, there are mothers who for a variety of reasons cannot breastfeed their babies. These mothers have children with a normal growth rate and have no visible disadvantage with respect to those who were breastfed. 

The question here is if there are any drawbacks in breastfeeding the baby past nine months.  Once again, there seems to be no documented evidence against it.  There are toddlers who are breastfed past nine months, but that probably has more to do with overdependence, a topic that will not be covering here. 

The drawbacks that we find about it are probably not related to the health of the baby, but more towards convenience. These are some of them:

Breastfeeding in Public gets more Difficult

Most moms do not leap for joy at the idea of breastfeeding in public.  Yes, there are some options such as nursing covers, but by the time your baby is past nine months, he has probably outgrown it or has developed the ability of suddenly removing it, leaving your exposed breast.  

You Have to be Mindful of What you Eat

This is one thing that you have to consider.  Some moms feel they have dedicated enough dietary restrictions for nine months and would have a hard time tolerating the regime for another nine months.  However, keep in mind whatever you eat; you pass on to your baby. Alcohol should be reduced and cigarettes are a big no-no. 

Special Clothing

You cannot sport your favorite tank top if you are planning on going for a ride with the baby.  What you need is a dress with buttons down the front. 

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