Animal Bites, First Aid

Children can be bitten by animals or even by other children. Animals that can bite your child are usually stray animals, but the majority of bites is caused by home animals. Because kids often provoke and tease animals, and they can react aggressively. Beside these animals, children can be bitten by snakes and insects. Human and cat bites (if the wound is deep), can infect easily. If your child has no fever or swelling after three days, the infection has not occurred. On the other side, bites from rats, raccoons and foxes require medical treatment! Although these wounds can look like a scratch, they can still infect. If they become infected, your child will be in pain, wound will start to swell and pus will appear. Deep wounds have much more chance to become infected.

Some animal bites can be responsible for severe health risks. It is recommended to visit a doctor immediately after the incident, and to explain what animal has bitten your children. Usually a child must take a shoot, and risk of complication is eliminated. But, if infected animal bit your child, it is important to know what disease that animal has, so report that incident to animal welfare authorities.

Sometimes kids are bitten by other kids. If skin hasn’t fracture, there is no need to take your child to the doctor. If it is, wash the wound under fresh water for 10 minutes. Clean it with a white towel and use antibiotic. If your child has pain, swelling and itching, you will have to go to the doctors, because there is a chance that would become infected. Germs and bacteria from the saliva are responsible for the infections!


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